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Tax Free - Tax refund

Tax Free means VAT refund

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Tax Free

If you are a tourist or have permanent residence outside the European Union, you are entitled to a VAT refund. You can apply for it up to three months from the date of purchase. The minimum amount including VAT is PLN 200. Products must be taken from Poland intact in your personal luggage.

Krok 1-2

Step 1-2


Krok 3-4

Step 3-4


Krok 5-6

Step 5-6

Step by step:

1. Buy something from us

2. We will issue you a document Tax Free for Turist

3. Go to the border and get a stamp from the Customs Office

4. Transport the products intact

5. Return to us with a complete set of documents or send them to our address

6. We will refund your VAT amount